I identify as an abstract artist, even though people often perceive representations in my work and sometimes think I have depicted a specific scene or subject. I am inspired by sky, horizon lines and the interaction and contrasts of vivid colours, but each of my paintings is an expression of something within me. I paint from my soul. I suppose that’s why I have produced such a mix of imagery over the years.

I am always fascinated by the variety and strength of reactions to my work and I am happy for people to enjoy their own interpretations. Some of my paintings can work more than one way around so I don’t sign them until I know how the buyer sees the piece. 

Tanya Chantler, August 2020 

Modern art for modern living 

London-based artist Tanya Chantler works in acrylic on canvas to create modern art that can enhance every kind of space.

The paintings in this eclectic collection explore themes of light and reflection, sometimes incorporating vivid colour contrasts and sometimes blending tones to evoke landscapes, cityscapes and horizon lines. With a versatile and imaginative style, Tanya surprises as often as she soothes.

Purchase, hire or commission

Unless marked otherwise, the paintings in the gallery are available to purchase or hire, so whether you are looking for an original piece for your home or office, or a selection to create interest and atmosphere in a restaurant, showroom or even a waiting room, you may well be in the right place. 

Tanya also accepts commissions and happily works with clients to assess spaces and select colour palettes. Enquiries can be made via the contact form.


About Tanya

Tanya was born in Scotland and spent her childhood in Somerset and Hampshire. After careers in banking and architecture & interior design, she made her debut as a professional artist with her first solo exhibition in 2002.

Shortly after her debut, she relocated to New York and over the following three years produced a significant body of work in her favoured medium of acrylic on canvas. She found a market for these pieces in both the US and UK and gained a loyal following which has remained with her.

Tanya now lives in London, where she continues to paint and has recently begun to explore sculpting. Away from her studio, Tanya writes poetry and collaborates as a lyricist with various artists. She is a reiki master-teacher. Tanya counts among her influences Salvador Dali, Kahlil Gibran and Lau-tzu.